Monday, November 2, 2015

Pump-King & His Buddies, Comic Book for Kids

Those of us who grew up reading comic books long for yesteryear when "Tales from the Crypt" or Sgt. Rock" enhanced our creative juices.  Good, smart stories with dramatic illustrations did wonder for the left sides of our brains.  Perhaps a bit too violent and lurid for our parent's tastes, many of us sneaked them into our houses and hid them in predictable hiding places. My friend, Attila Kiss has started a Kickstarter campaign to bring some very entertaining and dynamic comic book characters to us and our youngsters in the form of Pump-King & His Buddies .  These stories will bring us back to the Old West, explore the desires of our pumpkin community, and also please our Anime fans.
Attila has done something genius in setting up this campaign to get Pump-King started.  He is appealing to real people, who work for a living.  This isn't a project akin to building a state-of-the-art mega stadium off Interstate 95.  This project has set goals that enable fans like me, who haven't made their first million yet, to claim sole responsibility for it's success. Grants from G.E. or Exxon/Mobil won't take any ownership of Pump-King, rather us real people giving a dollar, or five or twenty (...don't get me wrong, give more if you want) will be primarily responsible for Pump-King's birth.
Whether it is a child's fascination with cowboys, or a pumpkin's study of humanity, our kids and us will be stimulated by these comic books.  Click on the link above and visit Attila's Kickstarter sight. Don't worry, unlike most of the other entries on this blog, you won't find spurting blood, decapitations or pre-marital sex....your children will be safe in Attila's comic book world.  One last note, the artwork, which you can sample on the Kickstarter page, is masterfully done by Byron Fong.

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  1. Thank You Chris for this wonderful presentation, in the name of all of us involved in the book. (Byron Fong, Greg Woronchak, Marie Phillipova, Matheus B. and myself) Like you said, it is geared towards the kids, with enough elements to entertain the adults as well.