Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dinner, The Making of a Superheroine

Are beautiful super-heroines born super...or are they created?  Were Alice from "Resident Evil" fame and Selene from "Underworld" fame destined at birth to be the powerful babes we know them as? This is an important question, and perhaps a short 12 minute film, 2015's "Dinner," by the sultry Aleksandra Svetlichnaya may answer our query.
When first we meet Dylan (Svetlichnaya), she is a timid young beauty afraid of walking alone at night.  Seemingly scared of her own shadow, Dylan's imagination convinces her she is being stalked. Even worse she has an abrupt meeting with two nerdy strangers, Oscar and Hamilton (Joshua Kachnycz and Ricardo Segarra). All three have leaflets which they believe is a V.I.P invite to a cosplay party.  After some monster play, our trio head to where they believe the party is being held. A trap?  Perhaps a misunderstanding? Lured by a hungry zombie?
 Our unfortunate trio then find themselves in great peril.  Our cosplay nerds won't be much help against the monstrosity (Geremy Webne-Behrman) they meet.  With impending doom at the hands of a zombie creature, Dylan may be their only chance for survival.  But wait! Isn't she a frail, diminutive girly-girl?  Don't be fooled by her great looks and girly charm.....she just might be a Alice or Selene in the making.
 Exciting, fast-paced, with a very alluring protagonist, Ms. Svetlichnaya has made a refreshing horror short, available on YouTube. Humorous, but not at the expense of horror, "Dinner" is a terrific film chronicling the conversion of a pretty woman to the next kick-a#% super-heroine.  To view "Dinner" click on this link Dinner

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